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Building a divorce team

A divorce in Nevada can be a complex legal situation. The division of assets is often one of the most complex issues tackled in any divorce. A piece of real estate, a car or some furniture may be relatively easy to divide. One spouse can surrender the asset, or the asset can simply be sold and the funds divided. Other types of assets, especially investments, stocks, businesses assets, retirement accounts and trust funds, are not always so easy to divide.

When faced with these complicated divorce assets, it is unrealistic to assume that a single professional will have all of the information or expertise needed to sort through them. This is where other specialists can come in to help find and organize information so that the attorney can organize and present the case in the best way possible for the client. A forensic accountant is a financial specialist that is skilled at sorting out complex financial scenarios and discovering all of the assets pertaining to a divorce. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to have one or more than one such specialist working on the divorce. This creates a divorce team that ensures every aspect of the divorce is handled correctly.

One of the greatest benefits of the forensic accountant is their ability to testify on behalf of the client if the case goes to court. This puts a professional on the stand to be cross-examined by the opposing attorney. Since such specialists are routinely called in for this purpose, they will be experienced at handling the cross examination and helping to ensure a favorable outcome.

A complex marital estate can make it easy to hide assets. This is especially true if one spouse owns a business and conducts transactions in cash. Having financial specialists on the divorce team is vital to helping find a spouse’s hidden assets and true income.

Source: Forbes, “Why A Forensic Accountant Belongs On Your Divorce Team“, Jeff Landers, September 04, 2014

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