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Neil Young files for divorce in California court

Singer Neil Young filed a petition to dissolve his marriage to Pegi Young on July 29 in San Mateo, California. The couple had been married for 36 years and Mrs. Young frequently collaborated on his songs. A hearing regarding the divorce request is scheduled for Dec. 12. The couple has one son, and there was no word as to whether spousal or child support for either party was being sought in the case.

Pegi Young was credited as being an inspiration for Neil Young’s hits Unknown Legend, Once an Angel and Such a Woman. They performed on stage together at the 1994 academy awards and she had been a backstage singer since the 1990s. The couple hosts a yearly benefit concert each year in California to promote the Bridge School. It was co-created by the couple to help provide educational benefits to children with special needs as their own son has cerebral palsy.

In a divorce case involving those with high-net worth or those who have a means of providing for themselves, it may be possible that neither party receives spousal support. In addition, it may be possible that a prenuptial agreement already details how property is to be divided in the divorce.

However, it may be worthwhile to consult a family law attorney regardless of how much money an individual has. An attorney may be able to contest the terms of a prenuptial agreement or ensure that a child with special needs is cared for by both parents equally. When making a divorce ruling in court, a judge will make a ruling based on what is in the best interest of a child.

Source: Rolling Stone, “Neil Young Files for Divorce From Pegi Young, Wife of 36 Years“, August 26, 2014

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