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Business to offer couples wedding money if they stay married

Most of us have heard at some point that the divorce rate in the United States is currently around 50 percent. That number may actually be higher or lower, but the reality is that divorce is all too common. Businesses in the wedding industry certainly benefit from this fact.

Interestingly, a Seattle company is now offering to provide engaged couples up to $10,000 to pay for their wedding celebration. Couples apply for the money and the company selects the ones to whom it will give loans. Those who remain married do not have to pay the money back, but those who divorce are required to pay the company back, with interest. If the marriage ends due to abuse, however, only the abusive party is required to pay back the loan.

The company’s founder contends that the inspiration for the business was to help encourage lasting love, but the company’s current business model depends on couples ending their marriages. Needless to say, not everybody agrees this is a good business idea, for a variety of reasons.

Both marriage and divorce can, of course, be costly. Funding a wedding is more or less costly, depending on how extravagant you go. For couples who have concerns about what will happen to their separate assets in the event of divorce, though, hammering out a prenuptial agreement can be an important way to take more control of the situation.

Working out a prenuptial agreement is not something couples can do in a day or two. Rather, couples should take their time to work through the issues and ensure that everything is done correctly, with the help of an experienced attorney. Doing so ensures that the agreement will be wisely thought out and effective in the event their marriage fails.

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