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Why divorce is sometimes the solution and not the problem

Imagine that a married couple has been together for many years, but after a while, they don’t see eye to eye anymore. Those sustained periods of love and agreement have turned to sustained periods of uncomfortable inadequacy and a lack of communication. Sometimes, this happens. But when it becomes a consistent theme in your relationship, then the divorce question starts to come up.

Here’s the real question though: would it be more tragic if this couple filed for divorce, or if the spouses stayed in a marriage that was unfulfilling and upsetting? It’s an honest question. Some people think you should stay in that marriage no matter what. Divorce has a reputation, and that makes it hard to see the potential positives of ending a marriage.

The point of asking this question is to make you think about the topic of divorce a little bit harder. This isn’t a simple topic. In some ways, getting a divorce is painful and no one would ever wish that upon themselves. And in other ways, a divorce can be a critical solution to a massive problem in someone’s life.

It is in this way that thinking critically about divorce can become tricky. We’re almost trained to believe that divorce is bad. And yet there are plenty of circumstances where a divorce is a good thing –a true solution to the spouses’ problems. No one should scoff at divorce, and those in a marriage that is beyond repair should consider the many elements to a divorce that could prove very helpful to them.

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