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Carnegie Deli alleged recipe fraud prompts divorce action

Nevada couples may be fascinated by the report about divorce action taken by the owner of the famous Carnegie Deli. Marian Levine is the owner of the eatery in New York, boasting a huge following. Ms. Levine filed for divorce from her husband Sandy, to whom she had been married for 22 years.

According to Marian, Sandy was unfaithful by keeping a waitress of the deli as a mistress for years. He allegedly financed her plastic surgery, paid her mortgage and gave her jewelry. Marian stated that her main reason for filing the lawsuit is the fact that her husband allegedly gave the recipes of their most famous dishes to his mistress, who consequently supplied it to her family in Thailand. They reportedly then opened a restaurant in Thailand, serving Marian’s famous cheesecake and pastrami sandwich.

A situation similar to this was when the famous Tory Burch, fashion designer, accused her ex-husband of using her designs to start a knock-off range. The couple settled eventually. Due to the actions of Sandy Levine, there has been a complete breakdown of communication between the Carnegie Deli owner and her husband.

The report does not mention any details about the division of their property. When a marriage ends, all marital property must be equitably divided between the two parties. For most couples, property division is one of the most challenging aspects of divorce. Unless there was a premarital agreement, deciding upon a property settlement can be difficult. When Nevada residents file for divorce, they may want to determine the procedure for ensuring fair division of property.

Source: Huffington Post, Battle says husband cheated and gave away secret recipes, No author, Nov. 18, 2013

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