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Court awards child support modification to Ying Yang Twin

In the current economic climate, divorced couples in Nevada may find themselves in a situation where a noncustodial parent can no longer afford to meet their commitments. One of these commitments may be the payment of the obligated amount of child support. They may be interested to see that this problem also exists for high-profile couples. The financial circumstances of many people have changed due to the recession.

One of the Ying Yang Twin rappers is caught up in a situation just like this. At the time of his divorce, he was ordered to pay $2,500 in child support to his ex-wife. The rapper earned more than $19,000 a month during that time. Circumstances have changed drastically, and Twin declared that his last hit was in 2005. He claimed his current earnings to be only $2,860 per month.

His situation is worsened by the fact that he has five more children to support. Instead of just failing to pay his child support obligation, he returned to court. He filed a claim to have the amount reduced. The court ruled in his favor and reduced the monthly amount to $550. In addition he managed to negotiate a payment plan to pay off the $45,000 owing in back support.

Any parents in Nevada who find themselves in a similar situation are free to follow the same procedure. Either parent may request a review and modification of the amount of support to be paid, based upon evidence of a substantial change in circumstances. Custodial parents may argue that the amount should be increased, while the noncustodial parent may find it impossible to pay the required amount. Spouses may want to familiarize themselves with the laws and local procedures regarding the modification of child support. Knowledge and understanding may prove valuable going forward.

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