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Common divorce mistake: Getting advice from family and friends

There is no one as dear to you as your sister. Or maybe your closest confidant is the guy at work who has apparently been everywhere and done everything. Other people turn to their best friend from their college days, their parents or a member of the clergy. All of these people can play vital roles in your life, giving you great advice on a number of personal issues you won’t share with anyone else.

But one of the greatest mistakes made by people about to embark on divorce is to take or seek legal advice from well-meaning friends, family and co-workers. Not all advice is good advice, however. In a divorce, it’s wise to remember that your Las Vegas family law attorney is the best source of advice, just as when you have eye problems, an ophthalmologist is the person to go to for advice.

A recent article on common mistakes made in divorce listed that one at the very top. It’s understandable that folks listen carefully to friends and family on a wide variety of important issues, but a real grasp of Nevada law requires a few things, not least of which is education. Of course, a grasp of the nuances of law also requires experience in helping people resolve legal problems and a dedication to serving clients facing child custody disputes, property division disagreements, child support issues and other family law matters.

Not everyone is suited to a legal career. For many, the law is too dry, too complex and too cluttered with arcane language to be interesting. For those who are suited to legal careers, many prefer practice areas such as business law, criminal law, employment law, real estate law or tax law. Still, there are attorneys in Nevada who have known for years that their chosen path is to help people resolve family law disputes.

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