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Resolving child support issues

Divorcing parents in Nevada have a wide array of challenges before them as they begin to prepare for new lives. Some couples will opt to share custody, while others will decide on an arrangement involving a custodial parent and a noncustodial parent with visitation.

In either situation, child support might be ordered by the Clark County court. Before that decree is issued, however, a parent has work to do with their family law attorney who will help ensure that child support is fair.

Regular readers of our Las Vegas blog might recall an article we published on our site, titled “Budgeting to meet children’s needs after divorce.” In it, we described how parents will need to take a good, hard look at their child-related expenses before divorce and make realistic estimates of how much those expenses might be after divorce.

Prior to a divorce, a 14-year-old might expect a new iPhone or other pricey electronic device every year. After a divorce, a parent might find that it’s more realistic to replace those kinds of devices less frequently, and perhaps opt for less expensive models. Similarly, a nonessential, expensive summer camp might be replaced by a less costly parent-child vacation together.

Some expenses simply cannot be reduced, however, and need to be fully accounted for, including medical and dental coverage and related costs.

With the help of a law firm devoted to helping parents get through the difficulties of divorce, child custody and child support issues, parents resolve disputes and get about the business of living their new lives.

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