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Couples must be objective about pet custody in divorce

When a Nevada marriage is coming to an end, spouses have to communicate on a wide range of issues. While child custody and property division are often the primary divorce concerns, many in Nevada are also worried about how to handle the matter of shared pets. When both spouses want to keep a beloved dog or cat, the matter can quickly become highly contended.

Many couples are surprised to learn that family court judges are reluctant to weigh in on the matter. In the eyes of a court, a pet is little more than another piece of property, to be divided along with the furniture and Christmas ornaments. This can leave couples on their on to work out an arrangement that suits everyone’s needs.

In such cases, spouses should try to put the needs of the animal above their own desires. In some instances, couples are able to work out an arrangement in which they share the responsibilities and reward of pet ownership. The pet can move between two household, in much the same way as children do after a divorce. This type of solution often works best when spouses are able to work in a collaborative manner, and is not an option in every divorce.

When working through this divorce issue, spouses must try to keep the matter in the proper perspective. Attempting to litigate the issue can lead to a great deal of time and expense, and may not lead to a resolution. For those in Nevada who are unable to resolve this matter on their own, mediation can help reach an agreement that is suitable to all involved.

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