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Food Network star couple file for divorce

Food lovers in Nevada may have read the recent reports that Pat and Gina Neely have filed for divorce. The couple has been a fixture on the Food Network and own a Memphis-style barbecue restaurant in New York City. They also owned a restaurant in Memphis, which was recently closed. In addition to the restaurants, the Neely’s have written several successful cookbooks.

Although the couple seemed to compliment each other on television, they cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce filing. The Neely’s have said that they would continue to be active in the lives of their adult daughters and would remain friends. They also said that they would work on strengthening their own brands. Currently, Pat Neely is moving forward with a business partnership with Family Dollar while Gina Neely is working with Green Giant.

There was no information as to whether the couple had a prenuptial agreement or it either party was seeking spousal support. There was also no information as to who will take control of the couple’s joint properties. As the couple’s children are now adults, there is no requirement for either party to pay child support. However, the couple may agree to split educational or other expenses that may arise that they agree to cover.

While not all splits are contentious, it may be beneficial to talk to a divorce attorney during the settlement process. An attorney may be able to help with the negotiation of a comprehensive agreement as well as long-term issues that may arise due to a divorce. Taking care of these issues now may prevent potential legal issues in the future.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Food Network’s Gina and Pat Neely file for divorce“, Jenn Harris , September 29, 2014

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