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How does divorce affect your career?

It goes without saying that divorce is a stressful experience. It is also time-consuming, expensive and, at times, extremely frustrating. As such, it is no surprise that the stress of a divorce can affect other areas of your life, including your performance at work and your career as a whole.

Clearly, any Las Vegas worker who is dealing with a stressful personal situation is likely to be less productive at work. In addition, the time constraints of the legal divorce process can cause employees to miss multiple days of work, and an employer could even be subpoenaed for information regarding the employee’s pay or other divorce-related details.

Luckily, divorce is quite common at all workplaces, so your split is probably not the first your employer has encountered. Even so, it may be a good idea to remain honest and up front with your boss, informing him or her of any pending deadlines or family court dates and other potential issues that could affect your work performance.

But as with most aspects of a divorce, the effect on your career will probably diminish over time. In fact, you may find that your divorce actually improved your work life by motivating you to go after your dreams. Some family law experts that divorce, by removing the stress of a difficult marriage, can give spouses the freedom and ability to focus on their careers instead of their spouse, and achieve significant success at work.

What do you think? If you have been divorced, did it help or hurt your career?

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