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How to divide your artwork during divorce

Dividing assets in Nevada is often difficult during divorce, but some pieces of property can be more confusing than others. Artwork that you have created yourself often falls into this category, since there are many different aspects that must be considered. We at Kainen Law Group are here to help you divide all of your assets, including any valuables like art.

The Huffington Post states that your artwork is often subject to the same laws as your other possessions. Anything that was collected or created before your marriage or after your separation and divorce filing is your sole property and will be yours to keep following a divorce. All pieces that you gathered or created during your marriage are marital or community property.

In addition to splitting the pieces that you currently have in your possession, you may need to consider the works that you have made and already sold. All pieces need to be listed, along with the prices they were sold for and whether they were created before, during or after your marriage.

Unfinished pieces of art may present a more complicated matter. In some cases, your spouse may be eligible to receive part of any money you make from selling pieces that were started during your marriage. In other cases, you may decide to offer to compensate your spouse for the cost of creating the artwork in exchange for sole ownership of the piece. To learn more about how to divide complicated assets like artwork, please visit our web page.

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