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How to find your spouse’s hidden off-shore account

Even the most generous spouses may not want you to know about some of their assets when it comes to divorce in Nevada. It can be easy for them to justify that it is not your money, that you are not entitled to it, and that you are well-off without it. We at Kainen Law Group know that the truth is that you are usually entitled to everything that was gained during your marriage, no matter what country it is stored in.

The American Bar Association outlines how to find your spouse’s off-shore account. The first thing you need to realize is what type of accounts your spouse may have. Some of the most common foreign accounts include the following:

  • Hedge funds
  • Mutual funds
  • Private equity funds
  • Some foreign insurance products
  • Bank accounts

Your spouse may have one type or multiple different accounts. Some people diversify their investments into different kinds to make them harder to find.

In order to figure out what assets your spouse has, you can write the International Revenue Service to request all details that were noted on your joint tax returns. This would be easiest to do while you still together and can gather any needed information.

In order to receive the necessary information, you may need to fill out certain forms and provide the IRS with your spouse’s personal information. In order to learn more about how to complete this and verify all of your available assets for a divorce case, visit our web page on asset division.

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