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How to stop domestic violence: A checklist

Taking steps to stop domestic violence in its tracks is something that all Nevada residents need to do. However, it’s the victims of domestic violence for whom it is most important to take action toward ending the abuse in their personal lives wherever and as soon as it occurs.

Let’s take a look at some strategies to stop domestic abuse in its tracks:

— Call the police: The police are there to help you and if you are being victimized, or even suspect that you are being victimized, it is important to call the police immediately. The police will arrive, interview you and your abuser and sort the situation out. They are trained to be our helpers in this regard.

— Talk publicly against domestic violence: It takes a community of people who will not tolerate any kind of domestic violence to make it stop. As a part of the community, you can take the first step by letting those who make jokes or laugh about domestic violence that it is not okay.

— Model your relationship for your children: By keeping your own romantic relationship free of domestic abuse, you will support your children in respecting their partners and demanding respect from their partners as well.

— Go to a domestic violence outreach center: There are many organizations available to help you if you are being victimized. Seek one out. They will give you the strength, and information you need to make the violence stop.

— Now that we are in the holiday season, be especially careful to watch out for and stop any domestic violence behavior that arises.

Finally, if you’re in the throes of a domestic violence situation in your marriage and you are considering divorce, you should to talk with a knowledgeable lawyer about your situation. See what can be done with the law in Nevada make your domestic violence problems stop once and for all.

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