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Kobe Bryant and wife reconcile, could have been costly divorce

Las Vegas readers may have heard about the on-again off-again relationship between Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant and his wife. The two have reportedly had marriage issues due to numerous infidelities on the part of Kobe. So it was no surprise when Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce a year ago. And perhaps it was also no surprise that news outlets have now reported that the couple have decided to reconcile.

In general, the decision to divorce is not an easy one, so residents in Las Vegas can likely understand why the couple, who have two young daughters, want to give it another go. As the rumor mill turned, some suggested Vanessa purposefully waited until the 10-year mark of their marriage to file for divorce. This is due to California’s family law, which considers their marriage to be long term, entitling Vanessa to 50 percent of Kobe’s assets. Those assets would include income from his basketball career and endorsements, as well as anything bought with that income, such as yachts, jets and cars.

Kobe would also have to pay alimony to Vanessa until she dies or remarries, which would total about $1 million monthly, according to legal professionals. He would also pay about $365,000 a month for child support for his two daughters. These estimates are based on Kobe’s earnings of about $53 million a year.

In this particular situation, the couple do not have a prenuptial agreement. Such an agreement may have outlined specific ways to divvy their assets as well as specific requirements when it came to alimony and child support payments. That way, if they decide to call it quits again, those factors are established.

Source: BET, “Kobe Bryant’s Divorce Would Have Been Costly,” Clarissa Simpson, Jan. 16, 2013

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