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Lifestyle clauses in prenuptial agreements

As the acceptance of prenuptial agreements has grown among Nevada residents in recent years, so too has the realm of the types of protections these contracts may provide. Gone are the days when prenups are thought of as only for the very wealthy or for those with celebrity status of some sort. Equally gone are the days when prenuptial agreements were all about money and protecting one’s finances in the event of a divorce.

The Daily Worth indicates that today’s marital contracts often include what are referred to as lifestyle clauses. While these clauses may include financial consequences to certain actions, they are not at all about the money. In essence, these clauses attach a price tag to the behavior of spouses.

One type of lifestyle clause is an infidelity clause. As suggested by the name, this type of provision seeks ideally to prevent cheating on the part of both spouses. However, if one party does end up having extramarital relationships, that person may be required to pay the other spouse a certain amount of money. Alternatively, a contract could be structured that if one person cheats, that spouse is no longer eligible for some other perk which may or may not be financial in nature.

Another type of lifestyle clause that is becoming more popular is the social media clause according to ABC News. These provisions aim to protect people in case a spouse or former spouse make negative, slanderous or embarrassing posts on social platforms. These can be especially important to people who need to protect their professional reputations in an increasingly public world.

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