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Nevada divorce: Once again, money is top reason for splits

There are many reasons why marriages end. However, there is one that stands above the rest — the almighty dollar. A new study that couples in Nevada may take notice of says that arguing about money early on in a marriage is a predictor that there may not be a happy ending and the couple could divorce.

Many studies have shown that money is at the top of the list for reasons that couples argue. Now, a researcher from a Midwestern university has determined that it is the timing of those arguments that can give a couple the biggest indication of whether they will divorce. According to her research, it didn’t matter if the couple had money or not.

Her research included data from 4,500 couples across the country that took part in the National Survey of Families and Households. Observations were that arguments about money were often more fervent and lasted longer than arguments about other things. Results seem to indicate that starting a relationship already arguing about money causes less satisfaction in the marriage for both women and men.

Of course, no study is 100 percent accurate. Not every couple who argues about money is going to end up getting a divorce. However, for those that do discover over time that they can’t stay together and want to end their marriage, money is the most often cited reason. For those Nevada couples who fall into this category, it may be beneficial to find out exactly what each party is entitled to in a divorce settlement to ensure that both parties walk away feeling they were treated fairly.

Source: Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Study: Financial Arguments Early In Relationship May Predict Divorce,” July 12, 2013

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