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Grief plays a role in the average Nevada divorce

The process of ending a marriage can be stressful, and each Nevada couple has their own set of issues that color the process. However, many psychologists believe that grief plays a significant role in divorce. Acknowledging and understanding the ways that divorce mirrors the loss of a loved one can help spouses come to terms with the experience and move forward in their lives.

The end of a marriage is a pivotal time in one’s life. Even in cases in which a divorce is sought by both parties, there are almost always emotional reactions to such an important shift in one’s personal trajectory. When grief comes into play, many people experience five distinct stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and — finally — acceptance.

During a divorce, the extent of emotional turmoil often aligns with the degree of contention between the parties. More items of disagreement often leads to higher levels of tension, and couples who can agree on the majority of the details of their divorce have fewer negative emotional responses. Therefore, for couples who wish to move through their divorce with as little emotional disruption as possible, it is important to minimize conflict over the details of the dissolution of the marriage.

One of the greatest influences on the level of conflict between divorcing spouses is the legal team that is chosen to assist in the process. Spouses rely on their attorneys for guidance, and the manner in which an attorney approaches his or her role in the divorce process can determine how things will proceed. When deciding whom to hire, Nevada spouses should be sure to take the time to meet with different attorneys and determine how they approach conflict. This can help one choose a professional whose approach to divorce best aligns with their own.

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