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‘Saved by the Bell’ actress files for divorce in Las Vegas

Readers of this blog in Las Vegas might not remember the name Lark Voorhies, but this actress became famous as a young woman in the television series “Saved by the Bell.” The now-42-year-old actress recently filed for divorce only six months after marrying Jimmy Green in Las Vegas. Court documents related to the divorce were filed on May 27.

News outlets responded to the divorce news by publishing a number of quotes, which they said Lark made on social media. However, Lark’s publicist has made several statements to the effect that the comments were not made by Lark. Furthermore, her publicist said that Lark does not and never had an Instagram account. Her publicist, however, did confirm that the divorce is real and she wants to move on with her life. In alignment with the claim that the statements made on social media were fake, Lark says that she will be shutting down her Twitter account for safety and security reasons.

Whenever a high profile celebrity announces his or her divorce, it tends to make the news. This, after all, is one of the drawbacks of being a celebrity — one tends to lose all of one’s privacy. However, during the divorce of a non-famous Las Vegas resident, lack of privacy can become an issue. Family and friends tend to dwell on divorces and gossip about them, so Las Vegas residents will want to do whatever they can to keep the details of their divorces to themselves as best they can. The preferred course of action is to confide in one’s legal counselor first, therapist second and — because it is important to speak with friends — only speak of the divorce details with the most trusted of confidants.

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