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Studies reveal interesting reasons behind divorces

The reasons for divorce are not as commonly discussed compared to the many issues that come about while couples are going through the process. After all, child custody issues, financial infidelity and emotional abuse are a few of the things that battling couples endure during a divorce. Nevertheless, a few studies on the causes of divorce were conducted and/or published last year. We believe you will be enlightened by what was found.

Expressions say a lot – One study found that a person’s high school yearbook photo could say a lot about their potential to get married, as well as to get divorced. Essentially, researchers found that weaker smiles could suggest low self-esteem, which often leads to marital issues.

Different drinking habits could doom a marriage– When spouses have widely different drinking habits, the likelihood of the marriage ending in divorce is greater compared to couples with similar habits. The risk was especially great when one spouse drinks heavily and the other spouse does not.

Road rage may play a part in divorces – According to a Swedish study, people who have commutes that are at least 45 minutes each way are more likely to divorce compared to spouses who have shorter commutes. Las Vegas traffic can be troubling at times, but it does not have the gridlock complained of in Los Angeles, Houston or other heavily populated areas.

More divorces due to social media – Extra-marital flings that begin on Facebook are increasing and leading to divorce. A June 2013 study found that people who check Facebook more than once every hour are more likely to divorce compared to those who don’t.

Source: “Research findings from 2013 offer insight into why couples split –and what happens after,” Taryn Hillin, Dec. 30, 2013

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