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How to avoid costly mistakes in a divorce

While a number of divorces amount to orderly processes where parties detail what debts should be paid, how parenting time will be arranged, and what property will be transferred, others are emotional train wrecks where the parties wreak havoc on each other and substantial litigation is involved. In these instances, it is not uncommon for spouses to make emotionally driven mistakes that can make the process much more complicated, and expensive, than it needs to be.

With that said, there are a number of troublemaking activities that divorcing couples should be aware of and how to avoid them. This post will highlight them.

Stay off social media – Making rants about your soon-to-be ex-spouse on Facebook or Twitter is not only in bad taste, they could be used against you in child custody proceedings. Family court judges do not like it when parents bad mouth each other to the kids, and the same theory applies when it is broadcast to the masses through social media.

Keep family and friends at a safe distance – While friends and family members can be very supportive during such an emotional time. They can also be unduly influential and try to make the divorce about what they want, instead of what is best for you. Because of this, it may be best to keep them on a need-to-know basis until your divorce is finalized.

Wait before making new relationships public – While it may seem romantic and fun to have a tryst in the midst of your divorce, it could have unintended consequences; especially if you are dealing with child custody and parenting time disputes. Simply put, putting a new relationship on hold until after the divorce may be prudent.

Source: “10 things to remember when you’re getting a divorce,” Jim Halfens, Feb. 25, 2014

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