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What Is A “Substantial Change In Circumstances?”

By Kainen Law Group |

When a divorce or custody case is finalized, the order entered in the appropriate court includes all the relevant issues like child support and alimony (in the case of a divorce only). Thereafter, events in your life may necessitate a modification of the support order; however, doing so is not easy.  In order to… Read More »

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Why Try Legal Separation?

By Kainen Law Group |

Most people, when they decide they and their spouse are no longer compatible, simply want to make a clean break, going through a divorce and moving on. However, some couples remain on the proverbial fence. If you and your spouse are in this situation, you may wish to try what some Nevada couples do… Read More »

Child support reform may be needed in Nevada and elsewhere

By Kainen Law Group |

After parents decide to divorce, there are many issues which must be dealt with, including property division and alimony. However, one of the most difficult areas to navigate is child support payments in Nevada or in any other state. Many legal experts and commentators believe this is due to child support laws that are… Read More »

Man loses child in heated custody case

By Kainen Law Group |

What if you never got to know your own biological child, but this was not your choice? In fact, let us say that you never knew you had one. That was the case for one man. When his sister happened to recognize a child’s resemblance to the family, the man discovered he had a… Read More »

Dishonest dating site information may backfire in divorce cases

By Kainen Law Group |

Las Vegas residents have likely heard the saying “what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” far too many times, yet the same could be said about the Internet. Oftentimes, what happens on the Internet truly stays on the Internet, and that information could eventually be used as evidence in a divorce case…. Read More »

To keep or not to keep the house, that is the question

By Kainen Law Group |

Divorce is defined as a legal dissolution of a marriage, but it obviously entails so much more than what can be defined in a sentence. For couples divorcing in Las Vegas, the process brings with it the necessity to think about and protect their financial future. Nevada is a community property state. In general,… Read More »

Former first lady of Nevada an example of life after divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

When a person is considering divorce after being in a marriage for a long time, it may feel like the biggest and heaviest decision of their life. When a couple spend many years together, they not only share finances and children, but also friends, interests, and even personal quirks. The comfort of a marriage,… Read More »

Child custody case involves 3 parents

By Kainen Law Group |

When residents in Las Vegas think about child custody issues, the typical scenario of two parents duking it out for rights comes to mind. It might involve two parents who want equal rights or a parent who wants to take rights away from the other parent due to severe circumstances. But what happens when… Read More »

A traumatizing divorce: how to cope

By Kainen Law Group |

It is no secret that divorce can be painful and emotionally draining. While some divorces in Las Vegas are fairly harmonious, others are outright nasty. It’s these types of divorces that can leave a person feeling traumatized. No matter if a person expects their divorce to be a war or is unexpectedly surprised by… Read More »

After 22 months, father and daughter reunited

By Kainen Law Group |

In what may be considered the greatest test of will and mental fortitude one Army Sergeant has ever had to face, he has finally received custody of his daughter after 22 months. In what can only be described as circumstances out of a movie script, the father and daughter will finally be reunited following… Read More »

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