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Man loses child in heated custody case

What if you never got to know your own biological child, but this was not your choice? In fact, let us say that you never knew you had one. That was the case for one man. When his sister happened to recognize a child’s resemblance to the family, the man discovered he had a child.

The man was in a short-lived relationship with a woman. She never told him that he was the biological child of a young boy. After a DNA test was ordered, paternity was confirmed; however, unfortunately, the child had already been placed with parents hoping to adopt the baby. This presented problems for the man, who wanted to obtain child custody.

While the adoption proceedings were pending, the father used human rights legislation in an effort to gain custody. While the appeal was in motion, a judge approved the adoption in 2010.

In the recent appeal, a judge ruled that the child should remain with the adoptive parents, as this is in the child’s best interest.

The story is a case of tragedy. A man was never granted any rights to his own bone and blood. In the final ruling, the judge made note of the tarnished legal system. Specifically, the previous judge should have halted the adoption proceedings when the father’s appeal was pending. Even so, this case, out of the United Kingdom, stresses the importance of solid legal representation in child custody matters.

If a child custody or family law case is in your sight, you should ensure that you have qualified legal support. After all, the effect of a ruling could change your life (or your child’s life) forever.

Source: The Telegraph, “Father loses custody fight for child he never knew he had,” Martin Evans, April 25, 2013

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