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Social Security And Divorce

By Kainen Law Group |

When two people divorce, this does not necessarily mean that their lives are forever divided, especially when discussing issues surrounding retirement and estate planning. For example, even divorced spouses may be able to claim Social Security benefits on each other’s work records depending on the specific situation that one or both may find themselves… Read More »


When Your Spouse Can’t Be Found

By Kainen Law Group |

When you want a divorce, you want the process to be as painless and expedient as possible, including quick service of process, quick proceedings and quick ending. However, on occasion, particularly where the separation has occurred years before the proceeding, it is possible for one spouse to have no idea where the other is… Read More »


Alimony In High-End Divorces

By Kainen Law Group |

In many Nevada divorces of sufficient duration, alimony may be awarded if there is enough of a gap in the parties’ income. However, in high-end divorces, there can be particular circumstances which may result in larger payments than one might expect. No Formulas Unlike child support, there is no hard and fast formula that… Read More »


Unique Community Property Issues

By Kainen Law Group |

Divorce is never easy, but in a community property state such as Nevada, it tends to be more standardized. While most states in the U.S. observe the equitable distribution model of asset division between divorcing spouses, Nevada and eight others have chosen community property as the preferred model. The differences can be significant, and… Read More »


Could Your Social Media Hurt Your Nevada Divorce?

By Kainen Law Group |

Most people use at least one social media outlet in this day and age, with Facebook being perhaps the most common. However, what many do not often realize is that even if your posts are private, they may still put be issues when it comes to divorce and everything that goes with it. In… Read More »


Modifying Nevada Divorce Decrees

By Kainen Law Group |

Even if your divorce goes exactly as planned when you are initially undergoing it, there is no guarantee that modifications might not be necessary later on, as the lives of all involved may change and grow. If you or your spouse needs to make a modification to your Nevada Decree of divorce, it must… Read More »


Infidelity and Other Marital Misconduct in Divorce Cases

By Kainen Law Group |

In popular media, we are often confronted with the image of the cheating spouse who winds up repenting their behavior in court, after a sympathetic judge grants their aggrieved ex a significant share of the marital estate. This is not the way the law works in Nevada and most other states. If you were… Read More »

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