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Talk to your significant other about a prenuptial agreement

One question that many couples may ask themselves before they walk down the aisle is “should I be considering a prenuptial agreement?” That thought may immediately be followed by the fear of bringing up such a supposedly controversial topic to your significant other in the months leading up to the happiest moment of your life.

Let’s tackle those two points, starting with the latter. It is perfectly natural to be afraid of the “prenup talk.” Conventional thinking used to dictate that if you bring up a prenup to your significant other that it could lead to problems and strife in the build-up to your wedding day. However, in many cases the prenup discussion ends up being productive for the couple and can even strengthen their relationship.

Which leads us to the other point: whether you should consider a prenuptial agreement. The answer is yes, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should eventually sign one, or that one is even necessary. Instead, that consideration is just an important starting point for a wider conversation: how finances, assets and other important factors will be handled during your marriage.

Prenuptial agreements serve many important roles for married couples, but maybe their most important role is giving the couple the ability to simply talk about critical issues inherent to their relationship. You don’t have to get a prenup; and, indeed, some of the topics that are inherent to the prenuptial agreement may actually already be covered by state laws; but having the discussion itself and at least considering the option can prove very beneficial for many couples.

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