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Temporary orders can keep the peace during a divorce case

For Las Vegas couples who are going through a bitter divorce, one of the most difficult aspects of the split can be the sheer amount of time the entire process takes. Most cases can take several months, if not years, to be heard in family court, and even longer for a judge to issue a final divorce decree. So what are divorcing couples supposed to do in the meantime?

Usually, family court judges issue temporary orders to deal with the interim issues that arise while couples wait for their divorce case to be decided. These orders typically dictate the family’s financial and custodial arrangements so the couple has a plan for who will live where and for sharing custody of their kids.

However, temporary orders can be made to deal with almost any issue that the couple is unable to decide themselves, such as child support and other parenting-related matters, and the payment of rent or a mortgage and any other financial obligations facing the family.

Like the eventual divorce decree, it is in the couple’s best interest to reach an agreement regarding temporary orders. While saving time and money, this can minimize the conflict and allow the spouses to proceed with the split amicably and without bitterness. If this is not possible, a family court judge will review financial and personal affidavits and issue temporary orders on all pertinent issues.

One common question posed by many divorcing couples is whether their temporary order will affect their final divorce decree. The formal answer to this question is no, but unfortunately, there is no way of knowing whether a judge will give a temporary order any weight when deciding the case.

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