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5 divorce myths that need to be brought into question

There are a lot of myths surrounding divorce that many Nevada residents are not only believing, but are also helping to spread. Therefore, readers of this blog who are considering or already engaged in divorce proceedings, are encouraged to take a look at the following myths and seriously question their veracity.

First, some Nevada residents still believe that having children is a way to prevent getting a divorce. In fact, having children in order to circumvent a divorce will usually go one of two ways: 1) the divorce won’t happen, but the spouses will be unhappy for a long time, or 2) the divorce happens anyway and it becomes more complicated because there are children involved.

Second, another misconception is that disagreements in a marriage are a sign that divorce is immanent. Arguing is common in any relationship, marriage, partnership, or friendship; and, when real love exists between both sides, arguments are resolved and accord can be reached — even if that takes a little bit of time. A strong argument does not necessarily mean that a marriage is doomed.

Third, many couples believe that divorce needs to be a very expensive process. However, when divorces are settled out of court, costs can be dramatically reduced. In some cases, a mediator can be used to help resolve disagreements and facilitate cost-saving out-of-court settlements.

Fourth, there is a common misconception that custody of the children will usually go to the mother. However, judges these days will consider a lot of factors when deciding which parent — or whether both parents — will receive custody. Most of these decisions hinge on what will be in the best interest of the child; and, usually, judges agree that it is in the best interest of the child to spend as much time as possible with both parents.

Nevada spouses considering divorce may want to discuss what to expect in their divorce proceedings with a family law attorney. A family law attorney can assist in evaluating a given divorce matter and advising the most appropriate legal solutions to employ in the situation.

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