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A call to embrace the divorced

Pope Francis has developed a reputation for shaking things up. The pontiff continued to do so with a recent statement to those gathered for his weekly Vatican audience. He said the Church should embrace Catholics who divorce and remarry.

He made special mention of embracing the children of divorced Catholics, saying “we must not add more weight to what children in these situations already have to bear.” A more accepting Church might well be of great spiritual comfort to a number of Catholics who have left failed marriages and those who are considering a divorce.

The Pope was emphatic about accepting divorced and remarried followers, saying “No closed doors!” He added that divorced Catholics are not excommunicated and should not be treated as if they were, CNN reported.

For Las Vegas residents, no matter what their faith and personal convictions, divorce creates a difficult time for the entire family. Certainly for the spouses who are splitting, but also for the children who are watching their parents end their marriage.

An experienced family law attorney begins the process of helping you divorce by sitting down with you and understanding your unique situation. In that way, attention is paid to the elements of divorce most important to you, beginning with child custody, property division, spousal support, child support and other matters.

A skilled, knowledgeable Nevada attorney knows that his or her highest priority in a divorce involving children is to safeguard their rights while also ensuring that your parental rights are honored in custody, visitation and support agreements.

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