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Addressing modifications to a child custody arrangement

When you and your spouse file for divorce, if you have children, your son or daughter will be at the top of the list of issues that you want to handle. Many couples can agree to shared custody, and that makes the whole process a lot simpler and easier. But there are many cases where custody is contested, and in these cases the spouses have to be prepared for an anxious and difficult process. You will need witnesses and evidence to show why you are fit to have sole custody of your child.

There is another subsection of divorced parents, though, that share custody with their ex but have extreme life circumstances that force an interstate custody arrangement, or an adjustment to the current custody arrangement.

For example, what if one of the parents meets a new partner and they move out of state? What if one of the parents’ family members falls ill or has a serious medical complication, forcing them to be (or even move) far away? What if a new promotion or job leads the parent to a different city or state?

Depending on the states involved and the circumstances of the case, the result will be different. No two child custody cases are going to be the same — but they will all involve complex topics that need to be addressed adequately and effectively. If this is to be an issue in your divorce or divorce agreement, then you should consult with an attorney to ensure it is handled properly.

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