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Advice for single parents following a divorce

Divorced Nevada parents will generally have a lot of questions about single parenting methods that will benefit their children. In fact, parents are well-served to study up on single parenting advice to ensure their children are not hurt by their divorces. In the meantime, however, the following simple pieces of advice will be very helpful to newly single parents.

First, parents are advised that consistency is key. Creating a stable home life after divorce is very important for children, who will now be going back and forth to their different houses. Having a set structure and schedule for rules, bedtimes, curfews and time for video games is essential to helping children feel psychologically safe and emotionally stable.

Second, parents should be careful not to speak ill of the other parent. This advice seems obvious, but a surprising number of parents don’t have the discipline to follow it. However, when we consider that young children later grow up to try and reconcile what they have inherited from both parents — it can be difficult for them to deal with a constant barrage of insults directed at the other parent. Ultimately, any insult against the parent is also an insult against the child.

Third, single parents are encouraged not to ask children about the people the ex is dating, how much money the ex is spending, or anything else. Asking lots of questions to children is like making children into spies. Children are then left in an awkward place where they do not want to betray either parent’s trust.

Following the above three pieces of advice will help children immensely after a break-up. Another thing that will help children is to handle one’s divorce proceedings peacefully. The more peaceful and stress-free divorces are, the easier it is on children, parents and anyone else affected by the split. Fortunately, there are numerous Las Vegas divorce attorneys who can assist parents in diplomatically breaking their ties.

Source: Huffington Post, “5 Pieces Of Parenting Advice To Help Children Adjust Post-Divorce,” Joshua Stern, Sep. 16, 2016

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