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Alleged Child Neglect Could Cause a Mother to Lose Custody

Nevada parents who are convicted of child neglect could lose their parental rights to their children. In fact, if police suspect that a child is being neglected, it’s not uncommon for them to take the child into custody and deliver him or her to the Nevada Division of Child and Family Services. Once this happens, a parent could face legal challenges in getting the child returned — especially if the parent is being held in jail.

In a recent case, a 28-year-old Nevada mother was arrested on the suspicion that she abandoned her baby in an unlocked, running vehicle while she went to gamble in a casino. As of March 14, the mother was at the Elko County jail, being held on bail of $100,000.

According to the Elko County sheriff’s department, the woman was being held on the suspicion that she committed child neglect or child abuse by leaving her baby in her vehicle unattended. Deputies discovered the 14-month-old in the vehicle unattended at Dottie’s Casino, which is located in Spring Creek.

Deputies allege that the woman’s heater had been turned on high, and the temperature in the care was as high as 86 degrees. The baby was immediately taken into custody, transported to the hospital and given up to the Division of Child and Family Services. It is unknown if the mother has obtained legal representation.

When a parent is arrested for child neglect or abuse, if a conviction occurs, it’s likely that the parent will lose custody rights. Nevada parents accused of such crimes will therefore want to discuss their cases with an experienced family law attorney, in addition to a criminal defense lawyer. Both these attorneys will be able to provide invaluable guidance on how to navigate the parent’s legal proceedings.

Source:, “Spring Creek Woman Arrested for Child Neglect While Gambling,” March 14, 2017

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