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Are more Nevada men awarded alimony in divorce orders?

Times have changed. Within the past 10 years, it has become more common for a man to receive alimony from an ex-wife. For many years, it was the norm for a man to pay spousal support after a divorce. In the intervening years, many women have become the primary breadwinners in their Nevada households.

Reportedly, men find it difficult to get used to the idea of requesting and receiving financial support from their ex-wives. In the past, it was typically the mothers who gave up their careers once they had children in order to allow the father to pursue a successful career. The reality is that these roles have been reversed in some instances. In recent years, more opportunities have become available for women to climb the ladder of success, and numerous women have become dynamic in various fields and have demanding careers.

Courts in Nevada and elsewhere have come to accept that a father giving up a career for the good of the family is no different from a woman doing the same thing. In some instances, fathers have become the full-time caregiver of the children. It stands to reason that a man in this position may need financial support after a divorce.

Alimony, regardless the gender of the recipient, is warranted in specific circumstances. Couples who managed to agree on who will be the one to pursue a career and be the breadwinner during the marriage may be able to agree on payment of spousal support to the household’s caregiver after a divorce. Being armed with the necessary knowledge regarding Nevada laws and legal procedures may serve both men and women well when they address these issues in the context of their divorce proceedings.

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