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Clint Eastwood disputes alimony and child custody in his divorce

Nevada residents may be interested in the progress of the divorce case between Clint and Dina East wood. Dina filed for divorce after the couple had been separated for a long time, without any indication that they would get back together again. She has denied rumors of infidelity or cheating, stating that they had been living separate lives for so long that neither one of them could be guilty of that.

While Dina intended the divorce to be amicable, some disputes have surfaced. Clint Eastwood had allegedly filed legal documents requesting the court to deny any alimony applied for by Dina. It is reported that the couple has a prenuptial contract that stipulates their rights in detail, hence Clint’s refusal to pay spousal support.

Another area of disagreement involves the couple’s daughter, aged 16. Apparently, Dina wants sole custody of the girl, while Clint wants them to have joint custody. Options like mediation or arbitration may solve these types of disputes and lead to a resolution that is in the best interest of the child. In all divorce cases, the family court judge will consider all aspects of the child’s life, as well as the ability of each parent to provide secure surroundings for the youngster.

Nevada couples who are contemplating filing for divorce may want to familiarize themselves with the choices available to enable them to conduct their negotiations toward a just settlement. This may afford couples the opportunity to make the process smoother and yield a result that is in everyone’s best interests. Communication and cooperation are typically the keys to a successful conclusion of the final divorce agreement that will benefit both parents and child.

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