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Are you in danger of falling behind on child support payments?

Las Vegas fathers and mothers who need to pay child support are generally eager to provide for their children in this fashion. However, in some cases, life situations change and the paying parent’s income or source of funds can get interrupted. Job losses, job changes, or sudden expenses could happen unexpectedly to hinder a parent’s ability to pay the child support he or she owes.

Unfortunately, society sometimes tries to brand parents who stop paying child support as “deadbeats.” However, it is actually rare for an individual to ignore the needs of his or her children for selfish reasons. In our experience at Kainen Law Group, most cases that involve a parent who is behind on child support happen not because the parent wants to stop helping his or her children but because of tough financial circumstances that are out of his or her control.

In cases like this, when a parent is in danger of getting behind on child support payments, it is important to notify the court immediately. In fact, parents whose economic circumstances have changed can ask the court to make changes to their child support obligations.

It is vital that parents notify the court before they get behind on payments rather than after because being late on child support could result in serious legal consequences, like having one’s wages garnished or even getting arrested. At the Kainen Law Group, we have represented mothers and father in many kinds of child support cases, and we have successfully prevented the negative consequences of late child support payments by helping parents who lost their jobs receive a reduction in their child support obligations.

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