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Are you prepared to represent yourself?

The Clark County website features a page for people considering whether or not they are capable of representing themselves in court during their divorce proceedings. The county shares some good information; perhaps none better than this: “The biggest risk in representing yourself without a lawyer is that you will lose your case!” (The exclamation mark is theirs, not ours.)

The punctuation is undoubtedly intended to warn readers of the serious consequences of attempting to represent yourself in a divorce. There are no do-overs or restarts in court. Clark County warns that it’s not terribly difficult to make mistakes in required court procedures (which can result in dismissal or a judgment for the other party) or technical requirements to prove your case.

Please remember that here in Nevada, if you lose, you could be ordered by the court to pay for your ex-spouse’s attorney fees and court costs. Hang on for another exclamation from the Clark County site: “So instead of paying for your own attorney to represent you, you could end up paying for the other side’s attorney to represent them!”

It’s a good point. No one wants to pick up the bill for their former spouse’s family law attorney, but that’s exactly what can happen.

A divorce can be the most important legal action of your life, especially if it involves disputes over child custody and child support or deep differences over property division. When the stakes are that high, it makes sense to turn to a professional who knows the law, has been through the legal processes and who understands negotiations as well as litigation.

Our Child Custody page contains more information on ways in which the Kainen Law Group can help you.

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