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Being A Surrogate In Nevada


Nevada has long had a reputation as being a friendly place for surrogates, with surrogacy laws that cater to everyone who might want to be a parent. However, it is crucial that if someone decides to enter into a surrogacy contract, they need to be aware of the rights and responsibilities that the law establishes.


There are many criteria that a person must meet to be able to serve as a surrogate in Nevada. This includes that they must have completed a comprehensive medical evaluation before the pregnancy, and have independent legal counsel (as opposed to consulting with the lawyer for the intended parents) regarding their legal rights and responsibilities.

One other criteria that you must meet in order to be a surrogate is being able to show that you have not contributed any genetic material to the pregnancy. There are two types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational, and only gestational surrogacy is regulated in Nevada. Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogate’s eggs are used as part of the embryo, while a gestational surrogate is a carrier and unrelated to the embryo.

Know Your Rights & Responsibilities

When drafting a gestational agreement, both the intended parents and the surrogate must agree on certain requirements – for example, whether or not the surrogate will be paid for their time, that the Intended Parents pay for, any medical expenses the carrier may incur, and the fact that the intended parents will assume all parental rights to the child to be born. It also must be signed not only by the surrogate and the intended parents, but also by the surrogate’s spouse, if she has one.

Some may be hesitant to serve as a surrogate for fear that if problems arise with the contract, they would be stuck with a child that is not theirs. Nevada law protects carries from having any legal responsibility for the child being carried.

Contact A Las Vegas Surrogacy Attorney

Surrogacy is a difficult legal matter, full of complex details. Enlisting an experienced Las Vegas surrogacy attorney can help clarify any questions you might have about the process. The Kainen Law Group has been handling these matters for years, and is happy to assist you with your case. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


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