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Bill before Nevada legislature would change some divorces

There are several bills before the Nevada legislature that could significantly impact divorce law. They include a bill that will lengthen Nevada’s 6 week residency requirement that some people feel creates a “divorce mill” in Nevada. Other bills include insulating military disability income from spousal support, changing the relocation standard for removing children,and requiring mandatory mediation for property division issues ( like we do for custody issues). The legislature may be over-reaching. In the desire to reduce conflict, or to protect veterans, the legislature could be hurting military wives. And the less informed spouse could be harmed by over-simplified property mediations if lawyers are not required to serve as mediators.

The bill would allow any Nevada resident to get a divorce immediately, rather than waiting a month and a half. While the change might well benefit those wanting a “quickie” divorce in one of the cities catering to those visitors, it would change virtually nothing for those resident couples with disputes over child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support, property division (especially those couples with significant assets), couples with domestic violence issues to deal with, and those who need modifications to divorce agreements.

In those described sets of circumstances, an experienced family law and divorce attorney will guide them through the appropriate legal processes, including carefully conducted negotiation with the other spouse and, if needed, vigorous litigation. In that way, your rights and interests can be protected as you go through the court system.

And most important for parents going through a divorce, your child’s best interests will be safeguarded not only by you, but also by an experienced, skilled attorney — even in the most emotionally charged of contested custody cases.

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