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Charlie Sheen’s divorce nightmare continues

Parents in Nevada may be wise to expand their knowledge about options available when deciding the fate of their children after divorce. The brother of Brooke Mueller — Charlie Sheen’s former wife — has taken on the responsibility of child custody after the high-profile couple’s divorce. Their guardian, the actress Denise Richards, had been appointed as their guardian until recently.

Denise Richards indicated that she could not continue being the guardian of the two children while their mother constantly obstructs her efforts to improve their deplorable behavior. The brother-in-law then requested custody, and was named their temporary guardian. While Denise Richards did not expect to be paid for being their guardian, their new guardian has sent a formal notification to Charlie Sheen’s attorney, demanding $55,000 per month in child support. He added that he expected this amount to be paid without delay.

Sheen is currently paying for all expenses related to the children, including pre-school fees and medical expenses. He was ordered by the court to pay $55,000 per month to Brooke Mueller, who has been spending most of her time in rehabilitation. That amount was reduced by 50 percent until she returns to take full-time care of the children.

In an attempt to discuss the boys’ problems with Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller met with her recently. While trying to resolve the issues about getting help to improve the boys’ behavior, Mueller accused Richards of trying to encourage her children to resist her. The actress refused again to continue physically caring for the boys. In similar situations, mediators and other forms of support are available to Nevada parents who are having problems dealing with issues like child custody after divorce.

Source:, Brooke Mueller’s brother gets custody, wants cash, Caroline Goddard, Nov. 8, 2013

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