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Divorce: It is never really final (for parents)

It isn’t over until it’s over. The timeless wisdom of Yogi Berra applies not only to baseball, but also to divorce involving parents.

The vast majority of parents care about their level of involvement in their kids’ lives. They don’t allow divorce to deter them from being a loving, involved mom or a loving, involved dad. So a divorce is never really final for them, a Huffington Post editor writes.

Las Vegas parents getting a divorce in Clark County court have an opportunity to sit down with their family law attorneys and work out a custody arrangement that works for both parties. Careful, calm, respectful negotiation is one of the best ways to resolve these difficult matters.

After all, you want to set an example for your children to follow as they confront difficult disagreements later in their lives. You can do that in divorce by keeping your discussions of difficult matters confined to private time with your spouse. And when you speak of your spouse — who is later your ex — with your kids, do so with respect, as you would hope from him or her.

Children don’t want to see one parent dissing the other, calling him or her names or describing them in sarcastic terms and tones.

The Huffington Post writer also shares some other brief bits of wisdom about divorce, such as “divorce” isn’t a dirty word; it’s never easy to end a marriage; divorce feels like a death in the family; and “it is possible to divorce like grown-ups.”

An experienced Nevada family law attorney can help guide you through the process, helping ensure that you keep your eye on your self-defined priorities in divorce, rather than getting distracted by anger or disagreements.

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