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Divorce may be easier for Nevada domestic violence victims

Domestic violence does not just encompass physical harm. It also covers verbal and emotional abuse. Most victims of violence in the home are afraid to come forward and report their abuse. This is sometimes the case between married couples all over the region, including those in Nevada, and it can understandably lead to divorce.

Some Nevada residents may not know yet, but a report has recently indicated that victims of domestic abuse may now have a new way to seek assistance. Thousands of victims may now be able to go to their doctors and get a free screening for domestic violence. The report states that the Affordable Care Act has now been put into place and that most insurance providers will be required to pay for the screenings with no costs being billed to the patient. The screenings will not only allow for a victim to ask questions, but it will also allow for doctors to educate their patients in respect to both physical and emotional abuse.

Statistics stated in the report allege that over 80 percent of domestic abuse victims are female. It also indicated that over 30,000 people in the state of Nevada were reported recipients of domestic violence services last year. Doctors are some of the first people to come in contact with abuse victims, so not only is the enactment meant for victim enlightenment, but also to allow an opportunity for doctors to provide better help and knowledge.

Even though going through any type of violent situation can sometimes be scary, the Affordable Care Act may make dealing with it easier and less traumatic. Nevada residents who are victims of any type of abuse should research their options, such as divorce or filing police reports and pressing charges. Qualified legal counsel may benefit abuse victims. No one in the world should have to live in a dangerous or hostile environment.

Source:, Domestic Violence Screening Now Covered By Affordable Care Act, No author, March 6, 2014

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