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Full custody and child support requested by Rapper

Nevada fans of rap artist Ludacris may have already known he was involved in court proceedings with the mother of his 2-month-old daughter. Recently, the rapper told a judge he was unable to pay the $15,000 a month the baby’s mother is requesting. However, that was not the most surprising part of the proceedings. Ludacris is now asking the court to grant him full physical custody of his daughter and child support from her mother.

In papers filed with the court by the rapper, he asserts he has been actively involved in raising another of his children — a now 15-year-old girl he fathered during a prior relationship. He claims to want the chance to do the same for his baby girl. It is not known how much in child support Ludacris is asking the court to order the baby’s mother to pay.

Some believe that if the rapper is given full custody of his daughter and receives child support from the girl’s mother, it could affect how women interact with celebrities. However, not only celebrity dads have the right to fight for full physical custody of their children. It is also increasingly common for men to be awarded child custody and to receive child support.

As the nature of what constitutes a family changes and gender roles in our country blur, fathers are taking a more active role in their children’s lives. As a result, more fathers in Nevada and elsewhere are realizing they have the right to petition the courts for custody of their children. If they are granted the right to be the primary caregiver of their children, it logically follows they would receive child support as well.

Source:, Ludacris Files For Custody Of Baby Daughter and Child Support, Trent Fitzgerald, Feb. 23, 2014

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