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Divorce may be more painful for young Las Vegas couples

Common sense dictates that a divorce should be more difficult and painful later in life. After all, that is when most couples have had children, have purchased a home together, and have combined their lives in many more intricate ways. But according to a new study, divorce may actually be more physically and emotionally painful for younger people who have not been married as long.

The study was conducted through an examination of the self-reported health information of nearly 1,300 participants who remained involved for the duration of the 15-year study. After analyzing the health data and comparing those who stayed married and those who divorced, researchers reportedly found that the divorced couples who had split at a younger age tended to have more health problems than those who had divorced later on.

While the study did not report on the specific health issues encountered by people who had divorced at a younger age, it is safe to assume that stress and anxiety likely had much to do with the ailments suffered. The researchers did reach a conclusion that older people may simply be better equipped to handle and deal with the stress of divorce than their younger counterparts.

The researchers also deduced that older people who remained in bad marriages were the most unhappy, which is likely due to the many years of pressure to stay in their relationships. This could have led to greater feelings of relief and happiness in older people after their divorce, which was not experienced by people who had not been married as long.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce Study: Splitting More Painful At Younger Age,” Jan. 30, 2012

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