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Ex-wife accused of plotting DUI sting to sway child custody case

After being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, a man has accused his ex-wife of setting up the events leading up to the alleged drunk driving in an effort to sway the court’s opinion of him during their ongoing child custody court battle. The ex-wife denies that she plotted the sting, but did admit that a private investigator she hired to scrutinize her ex-husband’s drinking habits was behind the DUI.

The battle began when the ex-wife filed court papers against the ex-husband, claiming that he owes her substantial spousal and child support back payments. In addition, she accused her ex-husband of gaining an unfair advantage regarding the custody of the couple’s three children.

The ex-husband denied the allegations, and in turn accused his ex-wife of choreographing a sting operation to tarnish the court’s view of him. He claims that he was invited out for a date by a woman, who also brought a female friend. The trio reportedly drank together and then drove to another bar at the woman’s suggestion. It was then that he was stopped and arrested for drunk driving.

The ex-wife denies setting up a DUI sting, but admitted that she hired a private investigator in 2008 to look into her ex-husband’s drinking habits. She further stated that the investigator invited the ex-husband out for a date through an Internet dating service, using the two women as decoys. When the trio headed for the second bar, the investigator videotaped the ex-husband and called in a drunk driving tip to local police, the ex-wife claims. However, she asserts that she was not responsible for the sting.

It remains to be seen how the family court will handle this confusing case.

Source: ABC News, “Man Accuses Ex-Wife of DUI Sting in Child Custody Battle,” Laura Riparbelli, August 2, 2011

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