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Five decades after divorce, couple remarries

In 1964, after 20 years of marriage and four children, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis decided to divorce. Now, nearly 50 years later, the couple is remarrying – each other.

According to media reports, the couple met and married as teenagers, and had four children together. It is not known why they decided to divorce two decades later, but they were able to remain friends after split, and kept in touch even though Davis remarried and moved across the country.

When Davis’ second wife passed away, his daughters from his first marriage were worried that he would be alone and lonely in his last years. They encouraged him to move back their home state, but never imagined what would happen next. Before moving back, Davis made a phone call to his ex-wife and asked her a very important question. “Will you marry me again?” he asked. “Well, well, yes,” she answered.

Although their father’s move was unexpected, the couple’s youngest daughter says that it is not surprising. “My mother never had a harsh or contrary word to say about my dad, and my dad never had anything but loving remarks to make about my mother,” she said. “I always thought it might happen. It was always in the back of my mind.”

The 85-year-olds were scheduled to be remarried earlier this month, and their pending second nuptials seem to have had quite an effect on family members and strangers alike. When the couple went to get their marriage license, they were met by applause and cheers.

Source: Yahoo! News, “Couple to remarry almost 50 years after divorce,” Claudine Zap, July 30, 2012

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