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How Nevada couples can avoid property division problems

In many cases, divorces that turn ugly could have had a far better outcome, had the spouses only made different choices at the onset of the process. While it is always easier to see one’s mistakes in hindsight, savvy spouses can benefit from the wisdom of those who have gone before. The following tips are given in the hopes that Nevada couples who are at the beginning of their divorce can avoid common property division problems that plague many within the state.

One way to avoid an unnecessarily high level of contention is to agree from the outset to behave in a way that is respectful and fair. This is especially important for couples with children. While the adults are often focused on the issues at hand, they often forget that they are also providing an example to their children. Those who are able to resolve conflict in a respectful and objective manner are giving their kids the tools needed to resolve their own issues in a way that is healthy and effective.

Another problem can come when spouses are, shall we say, too friendly. Continuing to sleep with one’s spouse can bring a whole range of problems. Not only does it serve to confuse the process, it can also disrupt the divorce process and make it possible for one spouse to delay the end of the marriage.

When faced with these or other issues within one’s Nevada divorce, the most important thing to remember is to make decisions based on reason, not emotion. In property division, as in so many other aspects of life, the old adage applies; cooler heads really do prevail. Being able to move through the process with an eye toward one’s goals and future plans can help many avoid becoming mired in high levels of contention or debate.

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