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Husband attacks wife during divorce hearing

In Las Vegas, the majority of domestic abuse goes on behind closed doors. Many people may speculate and worry about whether such abuse is taking place in the homes of a friend or loved one, but without witnessing it, an accusation of domestic violence heard in a Las Vegas courtroom often boils down to a case of he said – she said. However, this was not the situation in a Florida courtroom in April, when a husband violently attacked his wife in front of the judge and other court personnel.

The attack occurred when the husband and wife were in court to discuss the terms of their impending divorce. The couple had married in September of 2006, and had split in March of 2010. They have two children together.

According to the wife, her husband had been violent with her since before they were married. She described instances of punching, pushing, and shoving, stating that her husband was physically abusive as often as twice a month.

These allegations were proven true when the couple appeared in court for a divorce hearing on April 15. According to the wife’s divorce attorney, the husband flew into a rage when he learned the terms of his child custody agreement and was informed that he would have to pay child support. He attacked his wife and began to beat her, before a court deputy shocked him with a stun gun. He was ultimately arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

The wife was taken to a nearby hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit. She was treated for a broken nose, fractured jaw, a concussion and cerebral bleeding and swelling. She has made a full recovery.

In a recent court hearing, a judge denied the husband’s request for bond, stating that his wife would be “in grave danger” if the husband were to be released from jail.

Source: The Sun Sentinel, “No bond for man accused of beating wife at divorce hearing,” Tonya Alanez, 6 June 2011

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