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Important questions for a Nevada divorce attorney

For Nevada resident who are going through a divorce, the uncertainties of the process are one of the top sources of stress. Divorce can be unpredictable, and not knowing what to expect can lead both parties to experience high levels of tension and worry. One way that spouses can offset these uncertainties is to be honest and frank with their divorce attorney, and to make their expectations and goals clear at the onset of the divorce process.

One of the top issues facing most clients are concerns over the ultimate cost of their divorce. It is not only acceptable, but wise to have an open discussion with one’s divorce attorney concerning the projected cost of a divorce. Although an attorney certainly cannot predict the future or give an absolute bottom line cost, he or she can certainly give a client an estimate of the cost of ending a marriage.

Having this discussion also gives the client the chance to express how much they are willing to spend on the divorce process. The attorney can then guide their client toward choices that will minimize the overall legal fees. For example, if spouses cannot agree on how to divide a particular piece of personal property, the attorney can work up an estimate of how much will be spent in legal fees to argue over the matter. In the end, this type of approach can provide a spouse with a fuller understanding of the cost of lengthy negotiations or litigation, versus making reasonable concessions on certain items.

In the end, one’s divorce attorney is only as valuable an asset as one allows him or her to be. By asking the right questions and being receptive to the answers, a Nevada spouse can take advantage of the experience and education that a divorce attorney can provide. This approach can result in a divorce that is faster, less expensive and easier to navigate.

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