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Khloe Kardashian reportedly seeking divorce filing

The struggles of a high-profile marriage between a noted reality television personality and an NBA star are no small feat to overcome. Nevada residents interested in celebrity gossip may have been keeping up with the tumultuous marriage of Khloe Kardashian to Lakers forward Lamar Odom, a marriage which appears to be spiralling toward divorce. The couple are apparently living apart and have been for weeks.

The difficulties in this much-publicized marriage began some time ago when two women came forward alleging that they had been extramaritally involved with Odom. The basketball star has also reportedly been battling a serious drug addiction since the couple married in 2009, a battle some say is not going well. Kardashian allegedly gave Odom the ultimatum that if he did not seek help for his addiction, the marriage would end.

As is the case with celebrity marriages, speculation is widespread about what has caused the breakdown in the marriage and what the outcome will be should the couple choose the divorce route. The Kardashian family, presumably used to media attention as a result of their starring role in their own reality show, has been tight-lipped about the situation. Odom, however, has claimed the marriage is just fine. Time will tell whether this star couple stays together or meets again at the negotiation table.

Divorce of this type is rarely easy to negotiate, however, given the sheer amount of money and assets involved. Of course, this can be said of any divorce here in Nevada, high-asset or not. It is important for both parties to seek assistance in determining what they are entitled to in a divorce settlement prior to sitting down and determining how their marital assets will be divided.

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