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New Nevada program may benefit family law abuse issues

The implementation of a new Nevada program may benefit family law and those affected by domestic violence. This program has the potential to diffuse and even eradicate domestic violence situations before a family law case is started by either spouse. In divorce situations that involve domestic violence accusations, the research and training that this public program offers will potentially supply a greater pool of witnesses in court.

Theoretically, the program was created to help train citizens to be confident witnesses and learn to appropriately interfere when they see a possible domestic violence situation occurring. It is intended to be used by individuals to recognize potentially volatile situations and react in an appropriate manner. This program may be beneficial to those facing a divorce that includes domestic violence by helping them recognize warning signs prior to a confrontation as well as potentially gaining additional witnesses.

The new program is being promoted by a number of public organizations, including the Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence. In the upcoming week, a Nevada conference will be held to initiate this program. The residents attending the event will be trained to educate their communities. The outlook for minimizing domestic violence as an element in family law could be beneficial to professionals and those involved in litigation.

The creators of the program are hoping to challenge and change the standard societal view on domestic violence and the frequent choice by witnesses that choose not to get involved. Many believe that some responsibility to interfere does lie with persons who know about a domestic violence situation, but remain silent. The new Nevada program may benefit family law by protecting the members of society with members of society before, during and after a divorce.

Source:, Organizations in Northern Nevada use new Techniques to Combat Domestic Violence, No author, Sept. 12, 2013

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