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Marie Osmond remarries first husband in Las Vegas

Almost 30 years ago, former family band member/country singer/variety show star and current Las Vegas headliner Marie Osmond divorced Stephen Craig, her husband of three years. A few years later, she married Brian Blosil, with whom she went on to have two children and adopt five more. In 2007, after 21 years of marriage, Marie and Brian divorced.

Following her second divorce and the traumatic loss of one of her seven children, Marie believed that she would never marry again. However, earlier this month, she proved herself wrong – in a way. After rekindling their relationship almost two years ago, Marie and her first husband, Stephen Craig, remarried in a Las Vegas ceremony.

Marie and Stephen married in 1982, when the singer was 23 years old. She cites her young age as the reason for the failure of her marriage. “We were simply just too young back then,” she said. “The whole world was watching us as entertainers, and we were trying to hold on to our personal life.” The couple had a son, Stephen James, in 1983. Not long after Stephen’s birth, they separated and ultimately divorced.

In 1986, Marie married Brian Blosil. After 21 years of marriage, two biological and five adopted children, the couple divorced in 2007. In 2010, adopted son Michael died in a depression-related suicide, which Marie says changed her outlook on life and marriage.

Because she and her first husband had a child together, they remained on friendly terms throughout her second marriage. Following her divorce, she and Stephen reconnected, and two years later, they wed at the Mormon Temple Las Vegas. And although their lives and circumstances were vastly different at their second wedding, one thing remained the same: Marie walked down the aisle in the wedding dress she wore in that first wedding to Stephen, almost 30 years earlier.

Source: Las Vegas Weekly, “Marie Osmond’s remarriage 29 years later; Donny Osmond’s 33-year union,” Robin Leach, 25 May 2011

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